Childhood is temporary

We have almost 16 year old twin boys and a 14 year old boy. I had almost every complication possible when I was pregnant with the twins. I wish the internet was then what it is now, I would’ve blogged everyday for the 16 weeks I was on full bed rest. When I was going through that, everyone said “don’t worry, this won’t last. Once the babies are born you’ll wish you could lay in bed. This is only temporary.” The babies were born and they ate and cried all the time. We were exhausted and we kept saying “it’s ok, it’s only temporary, we can make it through.” When the twins were 18 months old, baby #3 came along. Triple the diapers, triple the crying. But, not to worry, it’s only temporary. Soon they will be potty trained and be able to tell us when something is wrong. Then came following them around the park and worrying they will fall off the slide, then play dates, and helping with homework. Each stage brought it’s own challenges and we kept reassuring ourselves that each stage was only temporary, it will get better. Then we moved on to running from sport to sport and splitting the driving duties every night and weekend rushing each season so we could get to the week or two in-between seasons when we could relax at night and eat dinner as a family again. It’s ok, we can make it through 10pm hockey followed by 5 am ice time the next day, it’s only temporary, the season only lasts a few months. Now, the twins are ready to get their driving permits and the younger one is ready for high school. Where did these 16 years go? As we kept wishing away each stage of development waiting for it to get easier, we wished away their childhood. Soon they will all be out of the house and my husband and I will stare at each other over dinner with nothing to say. They all can’t wait to get real jobs and make money. Too bad they (and us) don’t realize they (and we) should enjoy every minute- childhood is only temporary.


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Direct sales? But I’m not a saleswoman 

Now that I have a few blogs under my belt and understand a little better how this works, I might as well give a bit of my background as it relates to direct sales. 

I have 3 teenage boys (15, 15, 14). When they were in pre school, I got involved in a multilevel marketing company. It went well but I found I was doing way too many parties in order to make money and, instead of being able to spend time with my family, I was always out working the business. It got to a point where it just wasn’t worth it anymore.  

Fast forward 10 years. I became friends with a girl through 31 Gifts.  I attended an online party she did for a mutual friend. After that party, she contacted me about my order and also told mw she is a consultant for Rodan and Fields. We discussed skincare and I told her I would think about it. My one son had a lot of redness and a lot of acne so I inquired about Unblemish for acne and Sooth for redness.  By that point ws had tried all OTC creams and nothing worked. I decided on a last ditch effort to go to the dermatologist.  After that didn’t work, I decided to give R+F a shot.  Well, given the price of the business kit, I decided it made much more sense for me to buy the kit for the “consultant discount” but I had no intention of selling it. 

Once my kit showed up I started using Redefine and my son started using Unblemish and Sooth- low and behold his redness was GONE within days and his acne was greatly reduced within a couple weeks.  So I decided to “throw it out” to friends and family that I was selling if they were interested. I soon had people coming to me for products! Yes, I had to market it, but people LOVE it so it made it fairly easy. 

Not to say it’s all without bumps in the road, but nothing worth it is ever easy! 

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