I hate the end of vacation

Only a day and a half left on vacation and just the thought of going home makes my stomach hurt. We are 7.5 days into our 9 night cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas (look for a review blog within the next week!). This is our third Royal Caribbean Cruise, so I’ll share the pros and cons of this ship, and compare it to other RCL ships we have been on! 

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 How does a day at work last forever, but a week on vacation goes by in the blink of an eye??? Although, this cruise has given me a much needed energy boost for my side gig (direct sales).  My goal….Pay for next year’s vacation with my mlm paycheck!! 


MLMGATEWAY for recruiting- my review

If you are in mlm (direct sales), unless you have 100 friends and family that jumped at the chance to join your business opportunity, you have most likely done some research on recruiting from your cold market. A quick Google search will land you at mlmgateway. This website ‘promises’ several new leads per day! Sounds amazing- sign me up! Here are a few things you should know:

  1. Yes, you can join for free, however, you are very limited as to what you can do with a free account. You need credits, which can be purchased in bulk or on a monthly basis. For example, 30 credits will cost you $14 up to 600 credits for $189 or you can subscribe monthly to become a premium member, which starts at $24.95/month. You need these credits to actually send a connect request or accept a request from anyone.
  2. Most of the people on mlmgateway are looking FOR recruits, NOT looking to be recruited. In all reality, unless you live under a rock, you don’t have to search and join a website to find a direct sales company to join. Google will give you hundreds of results and a click on anyone will present someone who will be more than happy to have you join their opportunity. The basic premise of mlmgateway is “you try my opportunity and I’ll try yours.” So if you are not looking to try someone else’s opportunity, you won’t have much luck.
  3. Getting people to reply to you can be tricky. It will cost you 1 credit to send a connect request but 20 credits to accept someone’s connect request. That means if you get 20 people per day that want to connect with you, it will cost you 400 credits to connect with all of them. For this reason, people tend to be a pick picky about which requests they accept.
  4. Having said all of that, there is potential for you to find someone that is an mlm junkie and will join you. Who knows, maybe you will end up with someone that already belongs to 10 direct sales companies but wants to work yours as well. It’s better to have that person on board than not.
  5. There is potential to connect with other people and end up with new customers. You may form a ‘relationship’ through email with someone, discussing your opportunities and you really like the other product, or vice versa, so one of you decides to purchase from the other.
  6. You really have to go into it with an open mind and look at it as a way to get your name seen by others. If you have a great deal to join, put it in your “interested in” comments so it shows up in the members list with your info. Even if you register for free and maybe purchase a small credit package, it may benefit you just by forming relationships. I wouldn’t completely discount it, but start slow. Don’t buy the $180 package and expect recruits to knock down your door.

If you would like to try mlmgateway, you can follow my link below.

Click here to visit MLMGateway

What’s Your Why?

What’s your why? If you are in direct sales you’ve no doubt heard this many times. Right? The number one step in building your business is coming up with your why. When I restarted in mlm after 10 years, I tried coming up with my why. Because I want extra money, I want to buy nice things. Who knows.  Coming up with a why didn’t seem super important to me- obviously I wanted to make extra money. Does anyone go into direct sales for fun? After some research into the idea of why, I came across this amazing Ted Talk Video. This is a game changer…running your business from your why will drive your business! Forget what you sell (makeup, food, skincare) or how you sell it (“all natural, quick meals)…run your business from your why! Start with your why- why do you do what you do! 

Direct sales? But I’m not a saleswoman 

Now that I have a few blogs under my belt and understand a little better how this works, I might as well give a bit of my background as it relates to direct sales. 

I have 3 teenage boys (15, 15, 14). When they were in pre school, I got involved in a multilevel marketing company. It went well but I found I was doing way too many parties in order to make money and, instead of being able to spend time with my family, I was always out working the business. It got to a point where it just wasn’t worth it anymore.  

Fast forward 10 years. I became friends with a girl through 31 Gifts.  I attended an online party she did for a mutual friend. After that party, she contacted me about my order and also told mw she is a consultant for Rodan and Fields. We discussed skincare and I told her I would think about it. My one son had a lot of redness and a lot of acne so I inquired about Unblemish for acne and Sooth for redness.  By that point ws had tried all OTC creams and nothing worked. I decided on a last ditch effort to go to the dermatologist.  After that didn’t work, I decided to give R+F a shot.  Well, given the price of the business kit, I decided it made much more sense for me to buy the kit for the “consultant discount” but I had no intention of selling it. 

Once my kit showed up I started using Redefine and my son started using Unblemish and Sooth- low and behold his redness was GONE within days and his acne was greatly reduced within a couple weeks.  So I decided to “throw it out” to friends and family that I was selling if they were interested. I soon had people coming to me for products! Yes, I had to market it, but people LOVE it so it made it fairly easy. 

Not to say it’s all without bumps in the road, but nothing worth it is ever easy! 

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