Friday MLM tip of the day…

DO NOT MEET SALES GOALS OUT OF YOUR POCKET! Unless, of course, it makes good financial sense. One big reason people fail at direct sales is they get too caught up in “promoting” or meeting goals that they personally buy product in order meet the goal. Now, if your goal is $10 away and that will be offset by your pay BECAUSE you met the goal, go for it. But if you are spending $300 just to say you promoted or kept your title, don’t do it. You want to make money and enjoy your business, not be stuck with a ton of product because you kept “meeting goals.” Your sales company and your credit card company will be happy and you will be miserable!  Take the time to figure out tour break even point. You will be much happier and stick with it much longer.If you manage to stay ahead of the financial game in the beginning and stick with your company, you can earn a modest to really nice chunk of change every month.

Of course, the key to really making money is growing your team. Check out for some really great FREE tips for growing your team (I am in no way affiliated with him or his website, I just like his advice and it’s FREE, and who doesn’t like that?)

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