Direct Sales Blues

Wow, it’s been a while since my last blog! I’m in a little valley with direct sales right now. Sometimes the overwhelming negativity from people gets to me. Seriously, people can be downright nasty about MLM. I think I am a more practical consultant too….I don’t think I “own my own business” (I realize I am a consultant for a large company), I am not pushy, I don’t tell people being a consultant is all roses and they will be able to quit their full time jobs, etc. But still, some people refuse to buy from MLM because they don’t like the structure. This is bizarre to me. Unless you only shop at mom and pop stores and never go to walmart, target, shop rite, you always support large companies! I love buying from my mlm friends, but I always have. I was always the one to have the parties and always buy from other peoples parties.  Sigh. Oh well, sorry this post has no real substance, just wanted to vent for a minute 


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